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Datalink Management

Company: HarTech Technologies
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The development of our integrated Command and Control Systems which enable Network Centric Operations (NCO) required us to develop a unique datalink management module.
This module is responsible for providing the data connectivity between all network participants in a manner which is totally transparent to the rest of the application making use of different communication means which are to be made available.
The datalink is implemented as a multi layer system supporting the simultaneous use of multiple channels.


The main features of the proposed datalink system are:


 - Multi channel management
 - Automatic relay of messages within a channel and between different channels
Automatic Message routing
Enforcement of Electronic Emission Policy
Automatic message acknowledgement (for selected messages)

The Datalink Server receives all the messages generated by the applications (mainly the Command and Control System) and decides on the optimal channel to be used for its transmission. The system maintains a queue of messages which are sent to the actual communication channel based on the message priorities which are depending on the specific operational scenario.

Our datalink management module is application independent and enables control of different types of physical channels.

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