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OCTAGON Explosives & Security Ltd. specializes in the professional training of operators of Explosives Detection Systems (EDS), EDS testing, evaluating various EDS’s and consulting strategic national agencies on the technological detection of explosives.


Our diverse services offer a comprehensive range of professional courses, designed to train security personnel in everything that has to do with explosives: detection, concealment, preparation, standard and home-made explosives, "dirty" bombs, terrorism and much more. Our courses include basic and advanced level explosives courses, including on-site detonations. Other courses address issues of terrorism by means of explosives and firearm concealment and Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs) with detection expertise ranging from magnometers to X-ray and CT detection systems, explosives trace detectors and all other relevant technologies. We employ extensive “hands-on” training methodology using top quality explosives simulants or real explosives where required. Curricula can be tailored to address the needs of any level of security personnel, from novice to experienced.


Operator Training Courses


>>> Course 030: Detection of weapons and explosive devices in airline security
>>> Course 031: X - Ray machine operators
>>> Course 032: CT operators
>>> Course 033: Detecting traces of explosives
>>> Course 034: Advanced training for x-ray operators
>>> Course 035: Advanced training for CT operators
>>> Course 040: Creating training teams


Supplementary Courses


>>> Course 020: Explosives
>>> Course 023: Explosives detection technology and the threat of terrorism in airline security
>>> Course 024: Improvised explosive devices

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