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EDXRF Analyzers: Mobile: S-Mobile ULS

Company: Xenemetrix
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S-Mobile ULS
Brings the power of laboratory spectrometer to the field


This portable analyzer is specially adapted for Ultra Low Sulfur applications. Complies with the latest and most severe international standard methods for low sulfur concentration levels analysis: ASTM D7212, D4294 and ISO 20847, IP531 .
Suitable for field or laboratory ULS applications, this powerful 50KV/50W EDXRF system delivers sensitive, precise and quick-response performance.


• Ultra Low Sulfur analysis capabilities, MDL lower then 1ppm .
• Ideal for ULS applications in diesel, oils, fuels, gasoline and other distilates .
• Portable with robust design, suitable for demanding field applications.
• Impressive performance thanks to 50kV X-ray tube.
• The powerful and friendly software platform provides full qualitative and quantitative determination of ULS levels .Key Applications:  Petrochemical; Oils, Fuels and Diesel.


Key Applications:  Petrochemical; Oils, Fuels and Diesel.

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