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ACIS – Advanced CDMA Interception System

Company: Ability Computers and Software Industries Ltd.
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The CDMA Monitoring System "ACIS" is intended to ensure interception of voice conversation and service information in CDMA cellular networks.


The CDMA INTERCEPTOR is a passive monitoring system that intercepts voice traffic in cellular CDMA networks. No cooperation with the network operator is needed. In fact, from the service provider’s point of view, the Interceptor is totally undetectable and its operation is completely transparent.


The system will work in all CDMA 1 (IS-95, IS-95A, IS-95B) and CDMA 2000 (CDMA 1X) networks.


  • Automatic scanning and detection of active CDMA frequencies
  • Real time, off-air interception of the CDMA Mobile Telephone networks
  • Random screening of CDMA Mobile communication, with the ability to monitor and record traffic.
  • Target specific Numbers of Interest on the CDMA network.
  • Determine the subscriber’s real phone number or ESN during registration on the network and calling
  • Determine the real calling phone number (if the mobile phone subscriber has Caller ID)
  • Interception of SMS messages
  • Monitoring and logging conversations simultaneously to a high capacity digital voice logger for storage and retrieval.
  • Ultra-compact housing.

System is fully passive, dual band, real time CDMA interceptor.
The system will work with CDMAOne and CDMA2000 networks.


System Main Features:

  • Real time, off-air interception
  • Determination of incoming phone numbers
  • SMS interception
  • Monitoring up to 4 base stations and can intercept and monitor two full duplex conversations
  • 450/800/1900 MHz (450/800 or 800/1900 in one unit)
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