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Magnus Data Retrieval Unit – MDRU

Company: Magnus Engineering and Maintenance
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General Description

The MDRU II is a hand held computer system designed for retrieval, analysis and display of data acquired by the airborne Engine Monitoring System (EMS) installed in modern jet engines such as F100-PW-220/229, F110-GE-110 and T700-GE-701C. The MDRU II is a generic and versatile device, readily adaptable to handle any modern jet engine.


MDRU Highlights

  • Engine “Go / NoGo” indication for aircraft mechanics on the flight line.
  • In-depth data analysis tool for engine specialists.
  • Increased fleet readiness by reduced turn around time required for EMS data reduction.
  • Real-time monitoring/recording of engine data during ground runs.
  • Flexible communication options to a host computer: RS232, dial-up modem, USB, Ethernet.
  • Report generation and printing.
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