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CU-07 Perimeter intrusion detection system

Company: El-Far Electronics Systems 2000
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The CU-07 is a stand-alone, perimeter intrusion detection system designed for the protection of small, critical infrastructure sites with perimeters up to 800 meters long, such as power stations, water main junctions/storage areas, oil farms and storage areas, remote communication sites, VIP homes, etc.


Based on El-Far’s Vibration Perimeter Fence Sensor technology, the CU-07 solution incorporates a Single Chip Microprocessor that allows it to detect and verify real intrusion events along perimeters of up to 800 meters, with a resolution of ±10 meters. 

A main advantage of the CU-07 is the fact that the system does not rely on a central computer to operate. All the control and monitoring can be performed remotely via the Control Unit with a simple user interface.

The CU-07 can be programmed to alert security personnel of a verified intrusion event by a variety of different means ranging from a simple buzzer to the graphic indication of the intrusion location on a map with automatic video tracking etc. 


  • Protects perimeters up to 800 meters
  • Can be installed on almost any type of existing fence
  • Battery back-up
  • Allows manual or automatic sensitivity adjustment according to the protecting perimeter characteristics and weather conditions
  • Capable of ARM/DISARM of specific zones
  • All weather operation with lightning protection
  • UV protected sensor line
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