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EDXRF Analyzers: Bench Top: X-PMA

Company: Xenemetrix
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Precious Metals EDXRF Spectrometer; fast, accurate, easy to use


XRF is a non-destructive analytical technique that can rapidly and easily identify and determine the presence of various elements such as gold, platinum, silver and other precious metals present in solid, powdered and liquid samples. No sample preparation is required and also very small samples can be analyzed using the micro spot beam. The essential advantage of using Xenemetrix X-PMA analyzer is high precision and high accuracy. With Xenemetrix X-PMA you will speed up your process: position the sample, run the analysis and get results at the touch of a finger.


Robust instrument
This is our new bench top version for hard/field environments where a stiffer and more durable outer case is needed.


Key Applications:
Jewelry; Watch trade; Gold and precious metals determination; Purity determination; Sorting applications; Recycling companies; Dental alloys determination.

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