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Liquid & Dual Phase Heat Exchangers

Company: TAT Technologies, Ltd.
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TAT Technologies has a large experience in the field of Oil Coolers for over 25 years.


We are the manufacturers of Airborne Oil Coolers for a wide variety of applications: Turbo Jet hydraulic systems, Helicopter Gear Boxes, Aircraft Piston Engines and more. At TAT Technologies we make all types of Fin & Plate Oil Coolers - Air/Oil, Fuel/Oil and Water/Oil.


TAT Technologies is an innovator in the field of Oil Coolers and has unique products for which we have patent pending like the breakthrough MonoBlock.


Among our customers you will find some of the world leaders such as Boeing (F-15, V-22, 737, 767), Safran Group - Hispano-Suiza, Hamilton APU's, Pilatus Aircraft and more.

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