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Satellite Interception Systems: IRIS, ATIS

Company: Ability Computers and Software Industries Ltd.
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IRIS (IRidium Interception System) is designed to intercept the Iridium communication.

IRIS is a portable, tactical system, housed in industrial lunchbox computer. It can be easily installed in vehicles, ships, helicopters or fixed locations.

The ATIS system is designed to intercept information transmitted through Thuraya network channels.

ATIS can be provided as a tactical system for L Band only or strategic system including C and L band interception.


Unique feature: upon request, the two systems, the IRIS and the tactical ATIS, can be provided in a single industrial lunch box computer to be operated by a single operator in dynamic environment.

System main features:

  • Search satellites and available beams,
  • Automatic traffic classification,
  • Detection of targets parameters (mobile identities, geographical position);
  • Recording of the intercepted information,
  • Geographic display on maps
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