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Company: Commtact
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Commtact offers a wide range of antennas, for various Airborne, Mobile and Ground applications, including Ground and Airborne Tracking Antenna Systems.
The Gains and the Sizes of the antennas are varying fromsmall low gain 1dBi dipole antennas, to 3 feet diameter pencil-beam dish antennaswith high gains of up to 51dBi, in the frequency ranges of 1 MHz to 16 GHz.


Omni directional Antenna (OMNI)

  • Wide elevation beam-width, donut shape pattern
  • Light weight
  • Rugged airborne versions
  • Wide range of models
  • Commonly Linear polarization
  • Typical Antenna gains of 2,4,6,8 dBi

Directional Pencil-Beam Dish Antenna (DIR)

  • Parabolic aluminumreflector dishes
  • Highly accurate, light weight and rugged
  • Reflectors for up to 16 GHzfrequencies
  • Quick release option for the antenna feeds
  • Tripod hardware
  • Linear or circular polarized feeds
  • Typical Antenna gains of 25dBi to 51 dBi

Planar Antenna

  • Directional coverage
  • Low profile, light weight
  • Linear polarization
  • Typical Antenna gains of 8,10,15 dBi

Patch panel Antenna

  • Wide beam coverage, hemispherical pattern
  • Wide range of models
  • Small size, low profile, light weight
  • Linear or circular polarized
  • Typical Antenna gains of  8,10,15 dBi
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