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Day/ Night Video System (DNVS)

Company: New Noga Light Ltd.
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New Noga Ligh’s Day/ Night Video System (DNVS) is providing 24 hours continuous non stop observation, monitoring, detection, protection and security, for military, paramilitary and civilian applications. The DNVS is designed for perimeter surveillance of sensitive sites and areas such as national borders and airport boundaries. The DNVS is an integrated electro-optical video system that incorporates a passive ICCD camera or IR camera for night observation as well as a color CCD camera for daylight into a single, highly affordable bore-sight unit for monitoring sensitive locations, also for the observation of potential trouble spots. The DNVS day/night camera /observation /sight was developed by New Noga Light to be used both by the Military and the Paramilitary applications. Within the military application the photo taking and the recording options are numerous, due to the zoom perception of aimed small areas. The DNVS can be used as a day/ Night sight as it can be mounted onto light or heavy weapon systems such as APCs, tanks and artillery vehicles. In the paramilitary application, it can be mounted onto heavy duty vehicles, trucks and guarding stations, thus enabling supervision, recording and photo taking in required sterile areas, but under constant supervision.The DNVS can be upgraded by the addition of a laser pointer, Laser range finder (LRF) and a 2 field's thermal night channel.


  • Day & Night Video Observation System
  • Increases observation and targeting effectiveness
  • Man portable or vehicle mounted
  • Remote operations and built in video recorder
  • Pan and Tilt Stabilizer
  • Built in Video Motion Detection
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