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Fuel Tanks

Company: Tamor SMR Ltd.
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Fuel Tanks offered by the Tamor S.M.R. factory have been designed, developed and manufactured for various military vehicles including the Merkava (Mark) battle tanks, Puma tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and Oshkosh military trucks.

Dynamic fuel tanks and Static fuel tanks (for power generators, heating systems) are manufactured from various materials including:
*Steel   *  Stainless Steel  *  Aluminum  *  Armored Aluminum

Fuel tank assemblies are supplied with fuel tanks, pumps, hoses, tubes, fuel gauges, brackets, shock absorbers and other accessories.
The Research and Development stages of fuel tanks involve 3D designs, mock-ups, samples and pilot production to final serial production. The results are fuel tanks with symmetric and asymmetric designs that offer optimal use of space under the hood.

In-house, Tamor’s facility offers testing equipment to conduct:
Leakage testing under inner pressure
Vibration testing simulations under extreme road conditions

Tamor is certified for welding according to American AWS D 1.1 and AWS D 17.1 and European DIN standards.

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