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Distributed Object Management Framework

Company: HarTech Technologies
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Most of our systems are designed as real-time distributed systems. This led us to develop a core infrastructure supporting the development of Distributed Systems:


 - Distributed Simulation Engine of the SSG
 - Distributed Command and Control Systems

Our distributed Object Management Framework is a complete development environment based on the concepts of Distributed Multi Agent Systems in which a common data repository is maintained in a shared memory whose replication is software controlled leading to a Partial Reflected Share Memory..

Our Distributed Object Management Framework enables simple development in a Pure C++ development environment allowing huge systems flexibility. The main features of our framework include:
 - Dynamically configurable system deployment independent of the development scheme
 - Real time Agent/Model immigration between computation nodes
 - Agents can be executed as standalone or packed into Agent Communities
 - Multi Process, Multi-thread architecture is supported 
 - Main Core features:
   > Common API to all data stored
   > Simultaneous read/write capability for multi-agent data sharing
   > Inter-Process and Inter-application messaging
   > Agent Activation methods; Periodic, Event activation, or Combined
   > Notification Engine providing data and generating events to the Agents
 - Real-time situation logging
 - Controlled situation replay enabling partial system execution as well as complete replay for system analysis

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