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Guardian Government

Company: Wave Guard Technologies Ltd.
Details :

 A software-based monitoring, management and control of radiation permit system that continuously extracts and analyzes data from all cellular base station antennas at a countrywide level, compares it to permits and thresholds and alerts of deviations and irregularities. The system provides the government with actionable, hard data with regard to any violation of radiation permits.


The "revolutionary solution", as noted by one of our customers, the Israeli Radiation Commissioner, provides ALL the required information on ALL antennas from ALL cellular carriers, up to 1500 time per second, EVERY minute, 24x7x365. The solution is deployed at the customer site as an Enterprise Software solution both for speed of service benefit and data security one.


Key product Benefits:

1) Comprehensive data on all antennas in the country
2) Continuous monitoring of all radiation-related parameters at each antenna
3) Ability to contrast real-live data with permits to identify anomalies and violations
4) High degree of accuracy since data comes from the data source at the RNC
5) High accesibility to data for the purpose of sharing it with the public
6) Highly cost effective, since this is a software based solution with no need for installation of hardware probes anywhere

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