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Company: Top I Vision
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The T.A.S is an advanced aerial surveillance system, based on super-light stabilized electro-optic payloads, mounted on a small and easy to operate tethered helium Aerostats (blimps).


T.A.S is operational with the IDF, Israeli police and counter terror forces, Israeli secret service and Israeli border patrol as well as several security companies and TV broadcasters.
System's worldwide sales includes: Israel, Italy, UK, Russia, Poland, Brazil, USA, Ivory Coast, SA, Australia, Argentina, Barbados, Botswana, India, Colombia, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and more.


The T.A.S is a very cost-effective real time video sensor. It provides on line aerial data, of high quality video, for both day and night.


Among other applications T.A.S units can be used for:

  • Surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition
  • Border and coastal surveillance
  • Intelligence
  • Search and rescue
  • Fire control
  • Traffic control
  • Law enforcement
  • VIP protection and more


The units are mobile and fast deployed. The Aerostat’s trailer can be towed by a standard SUV\ Van, ready for takeoff within few minutes.
The T.A.S excels as a cost-effective solution, mainly due to its low Helium consumption, and the very small crew of only three (3) operators required for operation.


The proposed platform is a 30-feet tethered low-pressure helium Aerostat. Operated in low altitude of up to 500 feet (150m), the T.A.S comply with common air-traffic regulations worldwide.
The T.A.S is a mature, operationally proven system.

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