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Global Supply Chain

Company: Plasan Sasa
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Plasan's supply chain strategy is based on several identified key points which are implemented and integrated throughout the program lifecycle:

Superior Operations – All supply chain activities are globally coordinated to leverage best practices and global purchasing power without compromising flexibility.

Wide base of Qualified Global Strategic Material Suppliers and Qualified Subcontracors – By maintaining  multiple sources for all key parts and processes, Plasan's supply chain can ramp or down within a few weeks, as schedules and short term demand may change.

Decentralized Execution – The links in Plasan's supply chain may be dynamically reallocated in the event of change in delivery schedule or unanticipated difficulties with a supplier / subcontractor.

Strong Supplier-Partner Relationships – Supply chain management processes work to maintain suppliers who are involved and aligned with the tasks at hand.

Metrics – Quantifiable data maintains alignment with Business Plan and Customer Requirements . Tracking systems (described below) provide real time updates for SCM functional deliverables. KPIs for SCM relative to speed, award wins and ROI.

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