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Company: New Noga Light Ltd.
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The C8HTS image intensified CCD camera is a high performance low light imaging system. The system incorporates GEN II SUPER image intensifier, a 2/3" high resolution CCD sensor, integrated electronics to produce a video signal and an auto iris circuit.
The image intensifier utilizes an extended S25 photocathode with sensitivity for visible and near-IR light (400-900mn), a micro channel plate (MCP) photocurrent amplifier and a high efficiency phosphor screen. A tapered fiber optic is used to couple the fiber-optic output of the image intensifier to the CCD. The couplings of the CCD to the tapered fiber and the fiber to the intensifier are accomplished by a controlled gap technique that provides a distortion less and high resolution image. The high efficiency of this coupling enables the use of low light level from the image intensifier and therefore the operation of the intensifier at a low gain. The low gain operation extends the life of the intensifiers.


The auto iris circuit provides the control pseudo video signal to an auto iris lens for the high scene illuminations.


  • High sensitivity better than 1x.
  • Greater than 450 TV lines resolution.
  • High resolution and distortionless fiber-optic coupling of CCD to image intensifier.
  • GEN II SUPER image intensifier.
  • Standard C-mount lens capability.
  • Low 2.5 Watts power consumption.
  • AutoIris lens control provides Day & Night 24 hour fully automatic operation.
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