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Electro Optics

Company: ITL Optronics Ltd.
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At the forefront of electro-optics, ITL is an acknowledged industry leader, partnering with its customers in order to assure that all of its electro-optic solutions match the latest operational scenarios. Its electro-optic systems enable day/image intensified night vision, thermal imaging, target observation and acquisition, utilizing sophisticated software applications, video processing and design and implementing diode-pumped laser technology based on Er:Glass. The company offers cooled 3-5 wavelength thermal imaging systems and uncooled 8-12 systems with high target resolution and superior performance under adverse environmental conditions.


  • Tactical Night Vision
  • Uncooled Thermal Imaging
  • Cooled Thermal Imaging
  • Small Arms Aiming & Sighting
  • Laser Range Finding
  • Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance
  • Fire Control Systems
  • Supplementary Systems
  • OEM Modules
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