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Ground - Cell Underground Seismic Detection System

Company: El-Far Electronics Systems 2000
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The new Ground Cell Seismic System from El-Far incorporates innovative technology that delivers data fusion
capabilities, significantly differentiating the system from current technologies available in the market.


This “state of the art” system is highly reliable due to its sophisticated algorithms that provide it with the unique ability to filter nuisance alarms on several processing levels. The system creates an invisible buffer zone around the protected perimeter, allowing for real time detection of any hostile activities.


The system’s detection capabilities extend above and below the ground, and include a wide range of events such as walking, crawling and digging. Several layers of processing provide complete detection and literally no further action is needed.


Another vital and extraordinary feature of the Ground Cell System is its excellent flexibility and adaptability to various
types of terrain, such as beach sand, dirt roads, agricultural areas and even bushes.


The Ground Cell system is universal, and, due to its flexibility, can be adapted to any site’s needs and requirements



  • Weather proof – Sensors are resistant to temperature changes, humidity, rain, snow and wind
  • Detection resolution ±10 meters
  • Full control of system features from remote center
  • Very low infrastructure expenses
  • Low system power – use inexpensive cabling solutions
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