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Company: Genesis EW ltd.
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GenCOM-HLS is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution providing intelligence superiority over terror organizations through the receipt of focused, real-time alerts which enable foiling unexpected threats.

Based on data obtained from cellular, satellite or wireless/radio communications signals of hostile elements, GenCOM-HLS employs advanced technologies to automatically map and analyze the communication behaviour in the relevant theatre.

The GenCOM-HLS system can be used for a wide range of homeland security applications, on the national, local or tactical level:

  • Detection of hostile groups: mapping organizations networks by analyzing the interaction between known or suspected terrorists, reconstructing the organizational hierarchy and identifying the role of each member. As soon as the system uncovers a new suspect, it analyses his/her retrospective communications profile in order to chart all the individuals connected to him, as well as his/her habits.
  • Dealing with on-going terror attack, including identifying the squad members, the leader, and the location of each one.
  • Perimeter defense of sensitive locations such as airports, sea ports, crowded public venues and governmental offices.
  • Real-time suspect tracking: locating the exact position of known elements at any given moment, and detecting new ones through the suspects' interactions.


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