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Military Antennas

Company: MTI Wireless Edge Ltd.
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Rugged & Ready for Tactical Communications


MTI Wireless Edge has vast experience in providing field-proven solutions to the International and Israeli Military markets. Enabling seamless and safe connectivity for military communications is an ongoing 35-year tradition at MTI Wireless Edge and one of the core anchors of our offering. We understand the challenges faced by forces on land, in the air and at sea and the need to interconnect between their networks.


Our military antennas are deployed in the USA, Europe, SE Asia, Israel and Australia, serving a widespread and eclectic base of military forces and the equipment providers and integrators that supply them. These include: the US Navy and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF); ELTA, DRS, Elbit and Rafael; Tadiran Spectralink, Tadiran Systems, and Tadiran Communications; BDL, Loral, CSIST in Taiwan, Indra in Spain, Elisra, and Netline; the Czech Republic Department of Defense, EADS in Germany, the Defense Agency in Korea, Asselsan in Turkey; and others.


Our antenna systems are all developed using leading edge technologies and comply with the strictest quality standards demanded in today’s military arena. Covering a broad spectrum of frequencies with perfect matching, they consistently perform with high quality and enable seamless high power handling. The full range of our antenna products – from ready-to-deploy to designed-to-spec – is constructed from the most robust metals and dielectric materials available, and are suitable for Ground, Airborne and Seaborne applications.


Our state-of-the-art simulation processes assure that MTI delivers fail-safe antenna systems to its customers in the defense establishment with uncompromising consistency. MTI employs superior analysis practices in testing its antennas, utilizing cutting-edge software tools. We develop a wide range of antennas for specific military environments where deployment is an ongoing challenge, such as mobile and fixed for ground forces; air, shipboard surface and submarine.


Every step in our comprehensive approach to facilitating superior simulation and testing processes in the creation of defense-ready antenna systems equipment is conducted with flawless synchronization. In this manner, we are able to complete customized development, design and manufacturing projects quickly, cost-effectively and with remarkable precision and attention to quality. 

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