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Company: Top I Vision
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The Casper 250 Mini UAV system is specially designed to provide "over the hill" intelligence as a cost effective and simple to operate system.


It can be deployed in very short time, the system operation is simple and the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is user-friendly.


Today, most of the armies and defense forces acknowledge the advantages of using small UAV's that are operated from the field and supply real time IMINT without the need to schedule and coordinate aerial surveillance or risk the lives of pilots and engineers.


We put it as our mission to design the system to be as easy to operate as possible.


The system is completely autonomous, no tools of any kind needed for assembly/ disassembly of the system.


The system can be lunched by hand or by using a bungee and its landing is completely automatic as well.


The Casper 250 Tactical UAV system is designed to perform a wide variety of surveillance, intelligence and battlefield support missions, in the tactical level such as:

  • Battlefield surveillance.
  • Target acquisition and designation.
  • Battlefield monitoring.
  • Air strike control.
  • Border patrol.
  • Coast guard surveillance.
  • Damage assessment.


The Casper 250 system can also be used for civilian or commercial application such as:

  • Pollution control at ground sea and air
  • Natural disasters monitoring
  • Forest fire monitoring and control
  • Fishery and navigation control
  • General installations security
  • Gas pipelines and Oil rigs security
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