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Company: Top I Vision
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The Ground Control Station (GCS) is state of the art, universal unit designed to operate variety of aerial and ground platforms and is based on advanced real time software.
The GCS primary function is to control and monitor air vehicle operation and its payload. Other functions are: mission planning, pre-flight and post-flight maintenance procedures and more.


The GCS communicate with the air vehicle through a Ground Data Terminal (GDT). It transmits commands to the air vehicle, and receives telemetry information as well as real time video images.
The Ground Control Station has 2 screens – a dedicated screen for video and another one for the mission and it is right or left hand oriented.


The GCS is an integrated part in our Casper UAV systems and our extended Aerostat system the TOP I, but can also operate as a stand alone "off the shelf" product and can easily integrate with other platform.
The GCS is very compact and user "friendly" and will provide easy operation of any platform.

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