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Active GSM Interceptor: IICAT

Company: Ability Computers and Software Industries Ltd.
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IICAT is a modular system that detects the identities of GSM phones within its operational range.

Thanks to unique sophisticated algorithms implemented in the system, the IICAT uses relatively low power (usually less than 1W) to attract mobile phones and force them to introduce themselves.

It makes the system very lightweight, portable, virtually undetectable and highly efficient with mobile phones located very close to the BTS.

Another great advantage of IICAT is that the system can be easily upgraded to a full GSM Interception System (IBIS).


The IICAT is ideal for operational scenarios that do not require/allow sessions monitoring such as: mobile presence verification, selective communication for authorized mobiles only (for embassies, prisons, sensitive places etc), mobiles location detection, provide emergency GSM communication in areas without GSM coverage (for example in disaster areas) etc.

Main Characteristics:

  • System can be tuned for any provider in the relevant frequency band;
  • Detection of identities of all GSM mobile phones in the areas of interest;
  • Identifying of mobile phones which belong to particular targets;
  • Selective jamming of GSM phones in restricted areas (prisons, embassies, etc);
  • Presence detection of targets in specific area of interest (border crossing, airports, public areas);
  • Communication support of emergency forces in disaster areas (VPN);
  • Detect location of hidden mobiles (prisons, classified places);
  • Supports specific mobile detection (target);
  • Can be remotely operated.
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