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AR51A-05 Full Military Qualifications, Including MIL-STD-1553 Communication (AccuBeat)

Details :

The AR51A-05 offers militarized Rubidium Atomic Clocks, which is synchronized to the Global Positioning System (GPS), thereby providing extremely accurate time & frequency.

The AR51A-05 incorporates numerous features into a single box, including a Rubidium Standard, an internal GPS receiver a Rubidium-GPS DPLL (disciplining) circuit, time codes, multiple outputs. The Rubidium clock is phase locked to the GPS or other external inputs (as a back-up to GPS system). All outputs are derived from the Rubidium clock which maintains time and frequency when GPS or other inputs are interrupted.

The AR51A-05 has been fully qualified for operation in harsh stressed environments on ground mobile, airborne, fighter aircraft, Helicopter and ship borne platforms...


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