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EDXRF Analyzers: Mobile: S-Mobile SDD

Company: Xenemetrix
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S-Mobile SDD
Brings the power of laboratory spectrometer to the field


A small compact analyzer that can be taken to the job site. When the task calls for fast real time high quality results the S-Mobile meets the job description perfectly. This instrument features Silicon Drift Detector which enables higher count rates, higher energy resolution at low electronic noise. This configuration translates into a very powerful field instrument capable of delivering your analytical needs faster and more precisely.


• Elemental analysis Na(11) - U(92) from single ppm to 100% concentrations.
• Portable with robust design, suitable for demanding field applications.
• Fast response and high resolution Silicon Drift Detector.
• Impressive performance thanks to 50kV X-ray tube.
• Improved limits of detection, thanks to SDD.
• Easy to operate thanks to proprietary nEXt™ software package.
• New improved fundamental parameters software (optional).

Key Applications:
Alloys; Environmental; Oil, Fuels & Liquids; Mining & Geological; Forensics;Authentication & Precious Metals; Pharmaceutical & Biomedical.

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