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Company: TELKOOR Power Supplies Ltd.
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At the core of every military electronic system is a power supply. Mission critical systems require rugged high performance power platforms that will operate and survive the harsh environmental conditions placed upon such systems.
Telkoor’s power supplies function effectively in these severe military environments.


Our power platforms are incorporated into:

  • Airborne Systems – EW, radar, guidance and communication
  • Missiles – Ground-to-air, air-to-air, sea-to-air
  • Land Based – Communication
  • Naval – Shipboard radar, EW and communication
  • Ground Vehicles – Active Protection, Communications and Navigation
  • UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) – Very light weight power systems 

Telkoor’s products power EW (Electronic Warfare) systems, advance data links, missiles, rugged computer systems, fire control systems, radar, navigation systems, IFF systems and many other electronic defense systems.


Meeting the unique requirements of the MIL-SPEC world is part of Telkoor’s core competence. With over 25 years of field-proven experience in design & manufacturing Telkoor is one of the world leaders in quality power platforms for military applications.


Space, weight, output power, electromagnetic compatibility, power density and multiple output requirements are only part of the challenges that any military power-supply design faces. With many decades of experience, Telkoor’s engineering teams will always meet the tough challenges required by any demanding military platform. Telkoor’s power supplies are part of many major weapon systems worldwide. Field and combat proven units, Telkoor is a power source that you can rely on.


Approved by the US Air Force, Navy, and Army, NATO, IDF, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, ATK and others, Telkoor is recognized worldwide as a market leader of military power supplies.

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