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GenCOM Defense

Company: Genesis EW ltd.
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GenCOM Defense is a software based solution, designed to gain intelligence and operative superiority, in naval, aerial or ground battlefields. By analyzing the electro-magnetic spectrum, it creates an Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) in real-time, produces alerts on changes in the arena, and assists in establishing a "target bank".
GenCOM Defense was designed to respond to The main challenge of intelligence corps worldwide: establishing an automatic, accurate and real-time picture of the battlefield, in order to track, analyze and understand the enemy's movements and intentions.

The vast and various operational benefits include:

  • Battlefield intelligence: situational awareness picture build-up as part of military confrontation, either strategic or tactical: mapping of forces operating in the arena, mapping  methods of communication,  command post identification and movement analysis.
  • Tracking specific targets in the arena: movement tracking and content recording.
  • Alerts on deviation from the routine – after establishing the order of battle, the system can alert on breaks from known patterns, such as leaving/entering a specific geographical zone, growth in communication volume, frequency changes, etc.
  • Friendly force protection at operational activities, real-time threat detection and direction in hostile territory.
  • Documentation of the enemy's combat doctrine during training - recording of maneuvers, deployment and tactical activity.
  • Monitoring and recording: Real time monitoring is carried out concurrently with an up-to-date display of the location of the communication devices to gain better, context-based insights. Optional automatic recording capability is available for retrieval and further processing at a later stage.


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