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EDXRF Analyzers: Laboratory: EX-3600 LN

Company: Xenemetrix
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EX-3600 LN
Secondary Target EDXRF


Flexibility, sensitivity and ease-of-use are Xenemetrix key considerations in engineering the EX-3600 LN. This high luminosity directexcitation instrument, which is based on a liquid nitrogen cooled, high-resolution Si(Li) detector, represents state-of-the-art in energy dispersive x-ray technology. Whether your needs demand automatic qualitative, semi-quantitative (standardless) or rigorous quantitative analysis, the EX-3600 LN can determine elements from fluorine through uranium from ppm levels to high weight % in alloys, solids, liquids, powders and slurries, as well as thickness and composition of thin films. Furthermore, with our powerful nEXt™ Windowsbased analytical software, all this power is easily accessible by non-technical operators.


EX-3600 PD
The EX-3600 PD, a modified version of the EX-3600 LN, uses a thermoelectrically cooled detector with the advantage of being liquid nitrogen free.


Key Applications:
Mining & Minerals; Metallurgical; Environmental; Petrochemical; Radioactive Materials Research

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