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VSS - VoIP Communication Switch System

Company: AE40
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VSS - VoIP Communication Switch System is a software platform for: 

  • Radio over IP (RoIP gateway to actual radio equipment)
  • Intercom over IP networks
  • IP public announcement
  •  Telephony (PSTN) gateway
  • Cellular
  • Audio warnings
  • Voice streaming over low bandwidth WAN/satellite
  •  Radio & intercom networks communication procedures simulation and training

The VSS is designed for:

  • Simulation and training of radio and intercom networks
  • Communication switch for command and control applications

The VSS solution addresses needs for radio, intercom, and announcement and telephony services for variety of applications.


Defense, public safety, surveillance applications, safe cities, air traffic control, utilities and transportation needs these solutions at:

  • Command and control centers
  • Dispatch centers
  • Safe cities
  • Strategic utilities, sites, buildings, communication centers
  • Transportation centers (rail stations, underground, ports, air ports, tunnels)
  • Training and simulation centers
  • Communication training centers/universities

The VSS provides:

  • Simplified  communication options for the operator (phone, intercom, radio, announcement)
  • Reduced and simplified operator access to communication tools
  • Provide means for automatic communication and routing
  • Reduce communication infrastructure and cost
  • Provide tools for communication recordings and end user experience recording for case analysis and de briefings
  • Provide tools for simulation and training of large scale nets
  • Quick and simple deployment that saves space of operator line of sight area.

The ROI for deploying the VSS is fast and meaningful, in hardware cost, cabling, reliability, training time, space, efficiency and much more.

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