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RFID Antennas

Company: MTI Wireless Edge Ltd.
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MTI Wireless Edge is the world’s cutting edge antenna technology manufacturer for RFID applications and is dedicated to providing antenna solution to any RFID application, including: Portal, Near Field, Hand-Held, Forklift, Passive/Active, Indoor/Outdoor and others. MTI offers a very large portfolio with over 100 High Quality Low-Cost models of: Linear and Circular, Wide Band and Narrow Band, Single and Dual polarized antennas for Active and Passive RFID systems. Frequencies that MTI antennas serve include 450MHz, 865-870MHz, 902-928MHz, 950-956MHz, 2.4GHz as well as 865-956MHz Wide band UHF and integrated Enclosure Antenna solutions (IAE).
This diversity gives our customers the ability to use our products all around the globe for any kind of RFID applications. We are dedicated of providing antenna solution to any RFID application including: Portal, Near Field, Hand-Held, Forklift, Passive/Active, Indoor/Outdoor and others.


The Ultimate Solution for Portal/Gate:

Low axial ration antenna:
Increases the tags reading rate in various RFID applications by allowing the reader to receive much weaker tags transmissions.

  • Compact size and light weight
  • Enhancing single port reader’s performance
  • Available in three UHF applicable bands

Wide beamwidh antenna:
120°x30°, 150°x50° & 30°x60° low axial ration antennas – enable the best portal coverage. The antenna increases the portal coverage and tags reading rate by eliminating the reader’s need to switch between few antennas for the same coverage (with the large Elevation beam) and ignore nearby tags out of the portal (with the narrow Azimuth beam).

  • Low axial ration across all beamwidth
  • Constant reading state
  • No need to switch between upper and lower antennas
  • Superior portal coverage 

The Ultimate Solution for Item Level:

Near Field antenna
Enables the implementation of item level RFID applications that requires NF tags. The NF antenna is capable of reading NF tags attached to liquid content products.

  • High sensitivity, regardless of tag orientation
  • Ideal for Item Level Tagging
  • Excellent reading in presence of liquids
  • Designated coverage area
  • Tested with Button and Satellite tags
  • Configurable to client’s specific needs 

Complete Solution of Forklift

Forklift antenna:
With a very limited antenna size (only 4 units of 190x190 mm or 2 units of 320x260) these antennas provide the full coverage required in forklift applications

  • Full coverage
  • Compact antenna size
  • High robustness and endurance
  • High performance 
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