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Test Equipment: Main Test Station

Company: New Noga Light Ltd.
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New Noga Light's Main Test Station (MTS) is self contained portable test equipment, suitable for field and depot level maintenance of the Night Vision Devices (NVD).


It is an electro-optic test system, which contains high stability light detectors, precision optics, visible and infrared (IR) light sources. The MTS has the capability to check the performance characteristics of the NVD, providing accurate checks of NVD resolution, luminance gain, collimation, distortion, spot defects, current consumption, NVG helmet adaptors, as well as check the NVG battery pack.


The MTS provides displays for NVD current consumption, NVD luminance gain, NVD luminance, MTS output luminance, MTS gain probe self-test results, battery pack voltage(under load), MTS internal battery voltage and the battery pack low battery voltage alert. The MTS photometric measurements are performed by using a special photometer, which is a modification of the standard dual-channel, radiometer and its photodiode detectors and by using a test targets assembly that has two pairs of targets, which are used for testing of NVG resolution, spot defects and distortion. The central areas of the resolution targets also contain targets for collimation checks. Those targets are projected to infinity by the two, short focal length , flat field and high-resolution collimator lenses.


The MTS has a rechargeable internal battery, which is capable of providing up to 18 hours of operation, while a universal input power supply allows operation from an external AC source, as well as charging of the internal battery. The MTS is qualified to the environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810.


  • Mil-Spec laboratory quality test station
  • Field & depot level testing process
  • Self contained & portable test system
  • Eight performances checking for Goggles, ANVIS, Monocular & Night Sight.
  • All essential test for operational readiness & repair
  • Standard adaptors for NVD's
  • Setting for Gen II & Gen III devices
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