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Composite materials

Company: Kanfit
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Over 20 years of accumulated experience has made Kanfit into one of the leading companies in the Israeli composite structures manufacturing market. During that period, Kanfit had built  a vast knowledge base that enables it to deal with the most sophisticated production tasks and challenges, and produce state of the art composite structures. Our knowledge and experience make an important contribution for our customers while developing new prototypes, products or improving and modifying existing products.
Using Composite materials encompass an unrivaled composition of strength, weight, cost and availability that can not be found in any other solution. The usage of composite materials enables a unique freedom of surface design, variable thickness and surface texture. Our expertise allows us to achieve extremely tight tolerances in composite structures.
Kanfit specializes in Resin Transfer Molding, Liquid Resin Infusion and wet lay up manufacturing techniques. All technologies enable us to embed metallic inserts in the composite structure with very high quality of adhesion between the components.
Our clean room facility is environmentally controlled  (temperature, humidity, positive pressure).


Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
RTM manufacturing technology - a dry fiber is placed in a closed mold, resin is then injected under some combination of pressure and vacuum, followed by curing cycle. This technology enables Kanfit to manufacture composite parts in high volumes with less labor and lower costs, while keeping quality to the aerospace and medical industry standards. Parts manufactured using RTM technology are reproducible with very tight tolerances. .    

Liquid Resin Injection (LRI)
LRI manufacturing technology - a dry fiber is placed in an opened mold, than covered with a vacuum bag. The resin is then injected under some combination of sub atmospheric pressure and vacuum.  

Wet Lay Up
Wet Lay Up manufacturing technology is among the earliest technologies for composite structures manufacturing, but allows unequaled structure forming flexibility. Dry fiber is placed on the mold or master and than saturated manually with resin. Each piece of fabric is placed in that way until the desired part is formed. The complete part is than sent to be cured, using vacuum bag to extract excessive air and resin. This stage also help to the compaction of the layers.  

Bonded assemblies and embedded metallic components
Kanfit has a unique expertise and more than 20 years of experience in this field. We specialize in very difficult and complex composite assemblies with metallic, rubber, plastic, honeycomb, foamed and even electrical components.

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