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Airborne Launch/Retrievable Reeling System (ALRRS)

Company: Radom Aviation Systems Ltd.
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The ALRRS is a high-speed reeling system for deployment and retraction of mission payloads such as: towed decoys; reconnaissance & surveillance payloads; communication and special purpose antennae; electronic warfare sensors; towed marine sonar and AAA training targets. Radom’s ALRRS features, full digital control of deployment speed; cable tension and distance.


Data and control communication between the carrier aircraft and the payload is via a special fiber-optics cable. It is equipped with a fast response braking mechanism and emergency cable cutter. The ALRRS configuration can be easily adapted in accordance with the mission and the payload requirements.


Radom Aviation Systems Ltd. has recently completed the development of the Airborne Launch/Retrievable Reeling System (ALRRS) under contract awarded to Radom by Rafael Ltd.

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