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Military Products: COTS

Company: TELKOOR Power Supplies Ltd.
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Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) power supplies are manufactured commercially, readily available, and are non-development items.  These power supplies, when ruggedized may be used in harsh environment applications. COTS systems are in contrast to custom power supplies, systems that are produced entirely and uniquely for the specific application therefore offering potentially large cost and time savings.


Our COTS power supplies are not produced only for the defense market, but they may be widely used in transportation (railway) and industrial systems, thus providing high reliability cost effective systems.


Our philosophy is first to try to offer COTS products to our customers in order to ensure low unit costs and short time-to-market. When COTS products are not suitable for the systems, we will offer modified-standard products. Only when both COTS and Modified-Standard are not applicable, we will offer custom power supplies.


The use of modified-standard products provides our customers with many key benefits:

  • Low development costs
  • Low risk
  • Short development times
  • Low unit cost
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