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Company: CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.
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CONTROP has a vast in-house knowledge base in all technological fields related to inertially-stabilized electro-optical payloads, be they for airborne, land or sea applications, as well as all required design, simulation, test tools and equipment to carry out all stages of design through production of all products.

CONTROP has mastered all critical technological aspects that are crucial in the successful implementation and integration of technological advances into cost effective products.
These fields of technology include:

  • System-level analysis and simulation.
  • Electro-optical ir sensors analysis and design.
  • Optical lenses (zoom) design and assembly.
  • High accuracy mechanical design and assembly.
  • Electronic design- analog and digital.
  • Software design and implementation.
  • Inertial stabilization and servo-loops design and testing.
  • Inertial and GPS-aided INS systems.
  • Thermal imaging cameras, cooled and un-cooled.
  • Real-time image enhancement and image processing.
  • Video tracker hardware / software design and implementation.
  • Laser systems integration.


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