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EDXRF Analyzers: Bench Top: X-Calibur SDD

Company: Xenemetrix
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X-Calibur SDD
Bench Top EDXRF Spectrometer;versatile, high energy resolution


Our X-Calibur SDD EDXRF spectrometer features similar configuration like X-Calibur but with Silicon Drift Detector. Thanks to SDD high count rates the instrument improves its response time thus minimizing down time. The SDD enables extremely high countrate applications with excellent energy resolution - 136eV FWHM, with the natural advantage of being Liquid Nitrogen Free.
Furthermore, thanks to SDD special design and its low electronic noise, improved sensitivity is achieved for most applications.


Robust instrument
This is our new bench top version for hard/field environments where a stiffer and more durable outer case is needed.


Key Applications:  Petrochemical; Polymers; Metallurgical; Environmental; Minerals.

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