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Company: Plasan Sasa
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Our Integrated Survivability Solutions are designed INTO the vehicle platform, not onto it. Our design phase is comprehensive, multi-faceted and interdisciplinary.  It proceeds as follows:

Design Process - integrate customer requirements, military operational experience, armor solution and automotive characteristics into a concept.

Design Target - combine innovation, protection, timing, low weight and manufacturing costs into a TOTAL solution package. Production engineering is involved from the start to guarantee applicability for OEM mass production.

Blast Management Solution - design a complete survivability solution around the vehicle's assets and designated threat levels.

Regulations and Standards - incorporates military and automotive industrial specifications for ergonomic comfort, user safety and vehicular reliability on- and off-road.

Automotive Styling - Plasan's design team pays close attention to all details of the vehicle, reinforcing and complimenting OEM product branding, and help the end-user define its image as perceived in-theater.

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