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Company: Kanfit
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Kanfit manufactures primary airframe parts, sub assemblies and assemblies. Manufacturing starts from raw material such as sheet metal, Block and extrusion, from various types of alloys, through machining, forming, heat treatment, chemical coatings, finishing and assembly if needed.


Among our Facilities are:
* CNC machining centers
* Milling machines
* Lathes
* Chemical conversion line
* Aerospace painting chamber
* Brake-Press
* Presses, up to 500 ton
* Argon TIG welding
* Guillotine
* Heat treatment ovens
* Hardness and conductivity testing tools
* -40ºC freezers


Kanfit is certified by it's customers to supply primary parts and assemblies directly to production line, reducing the expensive need for incoming inspection and warehousing costs. All parts are supplied with COC and are manufactured according to customers quality requirements and the AS/EN9100B certified quality assurance system procedures.

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