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Company: New Noga Light Ltd.
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The NL-91 night vision goggle (NVG) is a lightweight, high performance passive goggle with a single Gen II, Super Gen or Gen III image intensifier tube and dual eye configuration. The NL-91 is quick to install as well as remove, easy to operate, with many other useful features such as quick release leaver, low voltage indicator, IR-on indicator an automatic high light cut off for protecting the image intensifier and It can be hand held, helmet mounted, or head-strap mounted for hands-free operation.


  • Light weight NVG
  • Operable both under moon light and star night conditions
  • Helmet-mounted or head-mounted for hands-free operation
  • Easy to Operate, comfortable to wear
  • Choice of Gen II, Super Gen or Gen III tubes
  • High Light cut-off protected
  • Used by Defense Forces & Security agencies
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