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Ballistic Plates & Shields

Company: Rabintex Industries Ltd.
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Rabintex develops and manufactures two lines of rigid ballistic plates, Rabintex Ceramic Plates (RCP) and Rabintex Lightweight Plates (RLP) from polyethylene, aramid and other materials.

The Rabintex ballistic plates are used for personal ballistic protection as well as for vehicle, aviation and naval security and they are available for both stand-alone and non stand-alone use.

State-of-the-art technologies are applied to create new products that combine a higher protection level with less weight and to design and manufacture the product according to the customer's needs, in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Rabintex Ballistic Shields provide rigid personal protection for military and law enforcement units. The shields are equipped with specially developed ergonomic handles, a ballistic window and head light. The Rabintex shields are combat-proven and provide level IIIA protection according to NIJ standard 0108.01.

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