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Active UMTS IMSI Catcher: 3G-CAT

Company: Ability Computers and Software Industries Ltd.
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Number of 3G subscribers in the world is growing up rapidly. Defence and security market demands from producers of off-the-air interception systems solutions for 3G phones and their call remains unanswered.

The 3G-CAT is the most advanced product for the 3G generation; the product was designed to fulfil the first urgent need for intelligence regarding 3G mobiles.

The 3G-CAT offers some unique advantages that drive it to be the most advanced and cost effective solution in the market.


The 3G-CAT can be added as an additional sub system to the IBIS, to the GTReS, to the IICAT to improve the systems coverage and extend the capabilities for 3G interception.

System main capabilities:

  • 3G-CAT is small, light and yet, very power full system
  • Multi Network Coverage by a single 3G-CAT unit
  • Catch new 3G mobile identities and additional parameters such as model and country of origin
  • Multi frequency Coverage
  • 3G Migration to 2G in a selective manner
  • Selective “Jamming”
  • Presence Verification of specific mobiles (Targets).
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