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Company: Plasan Sasa
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Plasan's comprehensive understanding of survivability as well as nuances involved in bringing complex projects rapidly from paper to the battlefield places us in a unique position.  The special nature of Plasan's success is its complete, end-to-end control of the product development and manufacturing processes.


From the client's initial request to design a unique platform meeting specific threats, we identify the possible solution sets, initiate concept development, build prototypes, run complex computerized simulation models, build mock-ups, conduct ballistic and blast tests, test preliminary production runs, ramp-up our global supply chain management system, commence with serial production and finally, set up an Integrated Logistic Supply system for the product's lifecycle. Production engineers are part of the vehicle design process from the start. Upon final prototype approval and a "green light" for serial production, a complete set of engineering Bill of Materials and Production Instructions are drawn up.

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