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Company: New Noga Light Ltd.
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New Noga Light's NL-62 is a new Mini Night Sight with an integrated laser designator and an illuminator for the individual warrior. This sight was developed for a variety of ground and urban night operations, where accuracy of a laser designator or a laser illuminator is required. The NL-62 can be mounted onto a wide range of rifles. The laser is providing the warrior with the capability to acquire and engage targets during very low ambient light conditions, such as looking through windows, working in forest areas, etc. The NL-62's optimal effective aiming distance is about 500 meters, in all weather conditions. The NL-62 was designed with the options of a full passive or an active night sight for the military, therefore it is empowered by a lightweight battery, as well as being equipped with an illuminator and magnification 3X, an over illumination protection photo-diode and a laser power limit switch. The illuminator improves the night picture and the shooting range and is inclusive of a laser boresight as well as a focus mechanism.The NL-62 Laser Mini Night Sight uses the same mil-dot reticle, an illumination red open cross reticle with five (5) brightness level positions, thus enabling to maintain extremely high resolution. The adjustable boresight, and the fixed focus objective lens are resulting in the NL-62 having extremely sharp resolution with high light gain. The NL-62 Laser Mini Night Sight can utilize both second and third generation Image Intensification Tube. The sight has a low battery indicator and a "Press to Transmit" (PTT) position that makes it possible to power-on the sight by means of a remote paddle switch..


  • Lightweight and compact Laser Mini Night Sight
  • an integrated laser designator and laser illuminator
  • Over illumination protection photo-diode
  • 3X magnification
  • Wide field of view
  • Fixed focus objective lens
  • Gen II or Gen III image intensifier tube
  • Illumination open red reticle
  • Press to Transmit" (PTT) switch
  •  Low battery indicator
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