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Dry Storage

Company: Export Erez
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Key points 
• Battle readiness.   
• Low maintenance costs.
• Long term storage.
System Types
• Custom Fit – specially cut to cover the surface of the equipment.
• Tunnels – standard enclosures that can store tank, canon or several jeeps etc.
• Any equipment: vehicles, tanks, air-planes, canons, guns, personal equipment (blankets, uniform, food supplies etc.).
• Complete protection: Total Protection Against Corrosion, Equipment Degradation and Moisture-induced Failure.
• Very low maintenance: only routine system check by technician, and periodical checks can be made to equipment.
• 60% less manpower to maintain the equipment.
• Operational readiness – “power-up and go”. Equipment is stored with all associated components including ammunition, radar, optical, weapon and even blankets, fuel and food.

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