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Personal Protection

Company: Plasan Sasa
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User-centric survivability solutions hold top priority in Plasan's personal protection design philosophy. Plasan's customized solutions integrate ergonomic factors, advanced material sciences, human factor engineering, biomechanics, anatomy and anthropometry throughout a comprehensive planning and design process. The end result is a tailored and optimized personal protection product meeting our customers' requirements.

Plasan's personal protection solutions are a natural extension of the warfighter's human body and gear. Plasan's product line is tailored to battlefield and asymmetric conflict, law enforcement, peacekeeping, National Guard, Border Patrol and Homeland Security personnel. Today, Plasan is a provider of ballistic solutions (body armor and plate carrier systems) to the IDF's Future Soldier System (FSS) program, as well as those of the U.S. Army and NATO clients.

Plasan's lightweight body armor is based on composite ceramic armor and ballistic fabrics. Our solutions are designed for use with MOLLE system components.

Plasan's state-of-the-art solutions meet NIJ level III, IV standards and higher threat levels. Most Plasan solutions are categorized as Technology Readiness Level 9 - the highest - and have an extensive combat-proven track record in numerous operations worldwide.

International ballistic laboratories and ranges inspect and qualify our products to assure they meet relevant standards while complying with stringent environmental challenges.

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