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Antenna Pedestals

Company: CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.
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CONTROP's Antenna Pedestals are developed and manufactured in-house, providing an excellent solution for directional communication antennas installed on moving vehicles.


CONTROP's Antenna Pedestals are in daily operational use onboard UAVs, providing directional data links for the relay of data, information and other applications.   


CONTROP's wide product line includes aerial, maritime and ground application antenna pedestals.


CONTROP's expertise and know-how enables tailoring a solution to any installation or requirement.


CONTROP's Directional Antenna Pedestals incorporate:

  • Single or dual axis pointing.
  • Precision DC servo mechanical drive assembly for high direction accuracy.
  • Pointed capability according to external commands through RS-422 communication.
  • Compact, lightweight and using minimal power consumption.

HRN-1 - Airborne Data Link  - Directional Antenna Pedestal


HRN-2  - Airborne Dual Data Link - Directional Antenna Pedestal


APU-1 - Antenna Positioning Unit



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