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Flat Panel TV Monitors

Company: CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.
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CONTROP's Flat Panel TV Monitors provide ruggedized high brightness and contrast color displays.  These monitors were designed for a wide range of air, land and sea platforms and applications, including fixed and rotary wing aircraft, sea vessels and ground vehicles.


The Flat Panel TV Monitors incorporate:

  • 15", 10.4" or 8.4" LCD active matrix (TFT).
  • High altitude compatibility (up to 20,000 feet).
  •  Super VGA resolution.

FPD-1 - 10.4" Ruggedized Flat Panel - Display Monitor


FPD-2 - 8.4" Ruggedized Flat Panel - Display Monitor


PCDU - Portable Control & Display Unit



link to CONTROP Website

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