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Aircraft components

Company: Kanfit
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Business Jets:
Gulfstream G250, G150, G200 (Galaxy), G100 (Astra)
Kanfit is among the largest subcontractors for Israel Aerospace Industries, commercial aircraft group. Parts manufactured by Kanfit include primary parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies such as Pedestal assembly, Overhead Panel assembly, Main landing gear door, Avionics door, ECS door, service door, and more.


Commercial aircrafts:
Boeing 787, 777, 747, 767, 737, MD-11, Dornier D28
Primary parts, sub assemblies, tools, master gauges, transparencies, etc.


Military aircrafts:
F15, F16, F4, Skyhawk
Wing pylon check gauges, Central pylon drilling fixtures, access panels, fuel tank parts, primary parts, fabrication tools, doors, etc.

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