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Company: Genesis EW ltd.
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Genesis EW offers a full SIGINT (cellular, satellite and tactical) simulation and training platform, designed to allow personnel training, system testing and integration support in optimal conditions and controlled environment.

The SIGINT training package enables operators to familiarize themselves with different operational situations, assuring a much better reaction in real-time scenarios.

The GenCOM SimGen (Simulation Generator) is an extremely flexible user-friendly offline graphic tool for the definition of simulated communicational entities and their tactical and electromagnetic activity. The system allows the establishment of a bank of scenarios, each testing operator capabilities on different operational aspects.

To ensure maximum simplicity for users in defining simulation parameters, SimGen offers a range of automatic pre-defined operations, including automatic frequency allocation, activity definition, allocating audio files and duplicate operations. GenCOM SimGen enables use of templates and maintains historic simulations for future use.

Interfacing with standard map packages (GIS), GenCOM SimGen also supports DTM based operations, including terrain cuts and coverage areas.

The GenCOM SimPro is a state of the art sensor simulator that can fully simulate the activity of a wide range of COMINT sensors. SimPro turns the simulated electromagnetic battlefield scenario created with GenCOM SimGen into SIGINT sensor output and emulates the sensor capabilities and behavior.

GenCOM Assessment is designed to provide the client with the means to evaluate the operators' performance during training session or operational missions.

The assessment is performed following a simulation, training or debriefing session held using the client’s operational platforms – either GenCOM Suite SIGINT platform, UAV simulator or any other system. The assessment process is based on a comparison between a simulated combat arena picture and one produced by the system and its operators during the session run, providing instructors or supervisors with a list of comparable parameters related to the operators' actions.


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